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Funny, how, when Magix started, facebook didn’t exist. Now it seems like the world depends on it.

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Getting a userbase after 5 years of complete abandonment is difficult. I am aware that. But if you use magix and you like it, I’m not going to ask for financial support, but, I would very much like you to hop on irc and head towards #magix on

This will be our new home for the time being.


Update released through automatic updates

This update corrects a few minor things related to the interface layout, as well as a typo or two.

It also introduces the ram load to the boot screen along with some extra information.

flexibility aliases have been created to display the DCC gets & sends
/get-stats and /send-stats display some basic information about them, created to be used in scripts in the future or by 3rd party developers.


That’s all just now. If you have disabled automatic updates, you can enable them and type /updatenow to get the updates.


– Paul.

Magix developers and geeky folks: new /append command

This command, which will be introduced in the next update (tonight, or tomorrow) allows you to append extra information at the end of a string in a variable.  You can think lots of good stuff to do with this append command, right?

In a nutshell, this is how it works:

Let’s say you have a variable called %myThings containing house

you can now /append %myThings carThe result will be: %myThings = house car

and so on. It doesn’t matter the length or the spaces inside the variable. “append” will add info at the end of the string every time.


alias hello-world {

set %mHW hello

append %mHW world

append %mHW !!!!

say %mHW


hello world !!!!


Expect this new command very soon. Hopefully tonight, if I’m not too tired.

Buenas Noches!

MAGIX 2.0 “Moonlite” is OUT!!!

Magix 2.0.1 is finally out

Meet up at undernet, channel #magix for some Q&A.

EDIT: The downloads folder isn’t working on the toolbar,

To fix this, type /cute and edit the button to read $mircdirdownloads rather than $mircdirdownload in the run field

I will recompile the installer tomorrow with these toolbar bugs addressed. But, in the meantime, you can do that.

A hard day’s night

Hello folks, I’ve been working on magix quite a bit today!

Language files:

English only, screw spanish. Just kidding. The language files will be released apart later on, as an optional download. In the meantime, English will be defacto. Olé!


The ever-popular fileserving script now bundled into magix for ease of use.

building upon the concept of “/autoget”

While /autoget works as expected. I’m trying to script a way to also add these addresses to magix.ini in order to allow magix to list/delete entries.

Automatic Updates

An alpha version of the automatic updater is underway. This is the last item on the roadmap so expect a release very very soon (Pssst: tomorrow!)


The Project is back on SourceForge. is now active again and pointing to this blog. This change will allow magix to survive in the years to come when I eventually abandon the project again.