A hard day’s night

Hello folks, I’ve been working on magix quite a bit today!

Language files:

English only, screw spanish. Just kidding. The language files will be released apart later on, as an optional download. In the meantime, English will be defacto. Olé!


The ever-popular fileserving script now bundled into magix for ease of use.

building upon the concept of “/autoget”

While /autoget works as expected. I’m trying to script a way to also add these addresses to magix.ini in order to allow magix to list/delete entries.

Automatic Updates

An alpha version of the automatic updater is underway. This is the last item on the roadmap so expect a release very very soon (Pssst: tomorrow!)


The Project is back on SourceForge. http://magix.sourceforge.net/ is now active again and pointing to this blog. This change will allow magix to survive in the years to come when I eventually abandon the project again.


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