What’s New

New /autoget command

Usage: /autoget nickĀ 

It adds the user’s hostmask to the safe automatic list, so you can add your dcc servers to autoget, go for a snack, and let magix do the dirty job.

In other news, the secure queries (which I never realised how annoying this stuff was, until now) had been removed. The code, which has been commented out, is still there, in case you want to build upon it or something.

That’s it just now.

There’s no release date as of yet, but expect it very soon, hopefully within a couple of days.


Mama, look who’s back


I know, I know. It’s been such a long, long time since you’ve heard from me last.

Q: Why is magix back?

A: Piracy, lol.

Well, actually, it happened that I found a copy of magix in some backup drive of mine, and, after a five-minute tears-in-my-eyes-like moment overwhelming of nostalgia, I connected to undernet to download stuff and that was the moment, my friends, when it dawned on me that magix was never meant to be a yarr yarr piratey script.

So I decided that I would polish it here and there a little bit, fix a few things that I notice now that are broken, and, last but not least: Magix will be aimed towards downloading stuff via DCC.